Business Idea Challenge Winners

The Emerging African Innovation Leaders - G7 Exchange and Empowerment Program for enabling Innovation within the Next Production Revolution promoted the Business Idea Challenge 2019 "Embracing the Next Production Revolution for a New Africa Narrative".

The Challenge has been associated to the National Country Days organised in the framework of the program, taking place in the target countries - Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tunisia - during an associated event.

The selected winners will be awarded with the participation at the World Manufacturing Forum, that will take place in Cernobbio (Italy) in September 2019, from 25th to 27th.

Dawit Dagnew Kebede

With over 10 years of work experience in ICT, marketing and management, he is passionate about green business and renewable energy, inclusive green economy, digitalization and sustainable consumption topics from research to policy work.

Business idea

Green Delivery services in Addis Abeba


Elishiba Wamuyu Maitho

With 15 years of work experience in NGO under USAID funding, she is now founder and managers of the social enterprise "YahRohk" - green in Hebrew - which trains youth on Social Innovation to reduce the high rate of unemployment in Kenya.

Business idea

Organic Fertilizer Production for enhancing Food Security in Kenya


Moises Manuel da Costa Mucelo

With 15 years experience in ICT (UNESCO, World Bank, Private Industry and Government) he currently works at MoRENet (Mozambican Research and Education Network) as MoRENet Academy Manager and Network Admin.

Business idea

Talent and Skills Platform to support the convergence between people and enterprise


Aichatou Idrissa Chekaraou

She has been working at ISP-Institute of public health in Niger- for more than 10 years as an IT applied teacher and IT department manager. She is also member of NGO OPEEN/Alheri (Organization for protection and education of children in Niger).

Business idea

Production and processing of fresh vegetables (Smart Agriculture)


Kemjika Chukwunyere Emecheta

Energy engineer, business planner & analyst with an MBA degree in Green energy and sustainable business, he has a passion for entrepreneurship and implementation of innovation (digitalization) seen as a game changer in the business field.

Business idea



Akhmed Hamouda, Hichem Fetoui

Ahmed Hamouda is an Information Systems Engineer and an Innovation Management Evangelist, working in bringing traditional businesses to the digital world. Hichem Fetoui is a Civil Engineer and Innovation Management Student, passionate of Digital Economy, Distributed Ledger and Blockchain Technology.

Business idea


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